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Cyber Security Curriculum

Cyber Security Associate in Science Degree

The Cyber Security Associate in Science Degree provides the skills for students to become highly skilled cyber security professionals and to train individuals for entry-level positions such as IT Support, information security analyst, systems security administrators, and network security administrators. In this program, students will master the latest security technologies and will examine the issues of information security awareness, network security hardware, systems and network security planning and defense, network security organization, and the legal and ethical issues associated with cybersecurity. This degree requires 33 units in the major in addition to other degree requirements.

Cyber Security Certificates

The CIS department offers a 3-tiered stackable certificate that allows students to progress through the courses to gain knowledge and skills for the workplace. The first tier is the Cyber Security Technician Certificate that builds a foundation regarding operating systems, networking, cyber security principles, network security, and scripting. Once students complete the first tier, the second tier is the Cyber Security Analyst Certificate that includes intrusion detection and incident response, web application security, ethical hacking, and the Linux/Unix operating system. The final tier is the Cyber Security Master Certificate which includes courses on securing operating systems and object oriented programming languages. Descriptions for the courses are available in the Fullerton College Catalog at Computer Information Systems.