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Hornet Security Education Center Calendar


Past Events



May 12: Presented Computing Majors in Higher Education to students at Brea Olinda High School.

Brea Olinda High School Presentation: 3 Computing Majors


February 17: Presented ISACA Value Proposition to students studying Information Systems Auditing at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


January 21: Presented Cyber Security Awareness Training, North Orange County Community College District Flex Day.

January 7: Presented Cyber Up! Digital Forensics & Incident Response – NSF ATE Project with Tobi West at the 2021 WASTC.




November 19: Presented to North Orange County Chamber Cybersecurity … What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

NOCC Cyber Security What You Don't Know Can Hurt You


October 30: Presented Improving Your Resume To Get Noticed to ISACA Los Angeles Chapter.



July 15: Presented CIS Careers at Coastline Summer Teacher Camp.

Coastline 2020 Summer Teacher Camp


May 6: Dr. Ron Pike from Cal Poly Pamona speaking to CIS 160 Intrdocution to Cyber Security Class.

Dr. Ron Pike Cal Poly Pomona Speaker


March 31: Dr. Tony Coulson from Cal State San Bernardino speaking to CIS 183 Network Security Class.

Cyber Security Dr. Tony Coulson Cal State San Bernardino



November 19: Served on an Information and Technology Advisory Board panel hosted by Vita Link.

Cyber Security Information and Technology Advisory Board Panel


October 24: Exhibited NSF grant efforts in Digital Forensics/Incident Response at ATE PI Meeting.

Cyber Security Digital Forensics and Incident Response

October 24: Four Fullerton College students, Alfredo Serna, Mohamed Ghobn, Christian Rodarte, and Dominic Craddock win 2nd to 5th place poster competition at Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security and Awareness Fair.

October 3:  Marian Merritt from NIST NICE talking to CIS 295 Internship Class on cybersecurity careers.

Cyber Security Merian Merritt NIST NICE Speaker


September 27: Conducted a resume clinic at SFSCon held at Cal Poly Pomona.


July 31: Presented Cyber Up! Digital Forensics & Incident Response – NSF ATE Project at the Community College Cyber Summit in Louisiana.


June 8: Professor Anna Carlin receives Outstanding Leadership Award from ISACA Los Angeles in recognition for extraordinary contributions.

Cyber Security Anna Carlin Receives Outstanding Leadership Award ISACA Los Angeles


April 24: Professor Anna Carlin receives Cyber Hero award from California Cyber Guild


January 25: Participated in Cyber Tech Girls event held at Coastline College. 

Cyber Security Cyber Tech Girls Event Coastline College



November 15: National Cybersecurity Student Association NCSA Webcast titled Cyber Up! Your Resume, Classes Alone Are Not Enough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2Zb0FmPYes

November 3: The Hornet Center for Security Education hosted a Girl Scouts workshop for Badge 1 (of 3) in Cybersecurity for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors on 11-3-18. Anna Carlin and Nancy Woolridge from Fullerton College were joined by Tobi West of Coastline Community College as breakout session leaders. Fullerton College hosted 75, ages 5 to 10, from the Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. The Girls Scouts introduced 3 new cybersecurity badges for daisies (13), brownies (24), and juniors (37), titled Cybersecurity Basics, Cybersecurity Safeguards, and Cybersecurity Investigator. The day started with a crystal ball activity where scouts identified their dream career and how it fit under STEM – whether it was based on Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. Breakout sessions for the Cybersecurity Basics badge included activities for daisies, brownies, and juniors. Tours of the campus were provided at the conclusion of the event. 

Cyber Security Girl Scout Workshop for Badge


October 25: Fullerton College students Josiane Hibbs and Gauge Beard win 2nd prize at Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security and Awareness Fair.

Cyber Security Josiane Hibbs and Gauge Beard Win 2nd Prize at Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security and Awareness Fair

October 25: Fullerton College student hosts a village at the Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security and Awareness Fair on the Haven Security Application. Haven allows you to see who and when someone has touched your personal belongings.


September 14: Conducted a Resume Clinic at SFSCon at Cal Poly Pomona.


August 3: Presented How to Successfully Leverage Professional Associations at 3CS Conference https://drive.google.com/file/d/10by-nsbUobIoo7WZvcuLYgtTkUUWPfG2/view?usp=sharing

August 2: Presented Cyber Up! Your Resume – Classes Alone Are Not Enough at 3CS Conference.


April 11: Career Builder Speaker Series with two Fullerton College CIS alumni Jared Nealeigh and Carlos Lejarde shared insights with students on their journey and what they are pursuing over at Cal Poly Pomona. Carlos discussed the process he took in securing a consulting position with Booz Allen Hamilton as a Cyber Security Engineer Jr.

Cyber Security Career Builder Speaker Series Alumni Jared Nealeigh and Carlos Lejarde



November 15: Matthew Williams from Symantec spoke with students on the cyber security workforce needs. He shared what Symantec is looking for when hiring and what students can prepare for now, to be marketable.

Cyber Security Matthew Williams from Symantec Cyber Security Workforce Needs


October 31: Fullerton College students Ronald Shin and Joshua Mayate win 1st place at Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Security and Awareness Fair at Cal Poly Pomona.

Cyber Security Ronald Shin and Joshua Mayate Win 1st Place at Cal Poly Pomona

October 28: Workshop Leader for CyberTech Girls event held at Coastline Community College.

Cyber Security CyberTech Girls Event at Coastline Community College

October 19: Workshop Leader for CyberTech Girls event held at Coastline Community College.


September 15: CyberWatch West Member webcast titled How to Prepare Your Resume for the Cybersecurity
Virtual Career Fair https://www.cyberwatchwest.org/index.php/students-138/videos-forstudents/


June 28: Presented Want to Cyber Up your resume? At 3CS Conference.


April 19: Career Builder Speaker Series with Marian Merritt, Lead for Industry Engagement at National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) on April 19, 2017. Marian discussed what NICE is and how cyberseek.org would help students understanding the employment possibilities in cyber security. At that same meeting, a Cal Poly Pomona Scholarship for Service student shared what extracurricular activities helped him secure a position at a well-known 3 letter federal agency.

Cyber Security Merian Merritt National Initiative Cyber Security Education April 19 2017



July 22: Presented Co-op and Internship Opportunities for Community College Students at 3CS Conference.

July 1: Published Polytechnic Education for the Cybersecurity Workforce in SF Strategic Finance at https://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/july-2016-polytechnic-education-for-the-cybersecurity-workforce/.